A Domestic Revenge

A wine glass shattered 

Into a million translucent slivers,

evil and jagged on the kitchen floor,

Just before I began preparing dinner.

And then, a mosquito

Slipped through the door uninvited

And buzzed his threats into my ear

As I seasoned the turkey.

And still, I thought of you-

The conversations that I had saved,

The meal sizzling in the oven,

Waiting in anticipating for your arrival.

Yet, when you did arrive

It was with words as sharp as broken glass,

Misplaced anger,

And a manner as rough and dreary as frozen pavement.

It is a tragedy

that you pushed me away

before I could warn you of bloodthirsty parasites

or camouflaged shards laying in wait on the linoleum-

But tonight, I am afraid,

if you need something to warm your soul

The only thing you will have that is soft and hot

Is the turkey.