Like a thunderstorm in the spring
Giving way suddenly
To electric blue summer heavens
She changes her mind
and she goes with the wind
As if she were in winged sandals.
A tongue of pure silver
And a wind-chime laugh
matched only by razor-blade wit,
She has fun on her mind
And love on her lips
Or at least, she knows how to fake it.
She’s like butterfly wings
With a hurricane wake
Of broken hearts and thrilling adventure
She is two worlds at once
She is happiest gone
Yet not one day goes by you don’t miss her.



A weathered trucker
Spoke to me about Mexico
Said my town was beautiful
Right next to the blue-green gulf.
I told him I didn’t remember
I can barely remember the language-
But I tried for him because he was tired
And he wanted someone to talk to.
So I told him about the lagoon
Because I recall it more than the sea
And he told me about his route
And his favorite restaurants.
He finished his meal
Thanked me for my company
Then returned to his truck
And left me dreaming of the ocean.